A Stolen Life

Wound Care #16 12-16-23

While in the hospital pressure sores and minor cuts can be a problem. If the patient has been bedridden for a long term stay it is important to pay close attention for these issues. For Chris the 293 days hospital stay has caused a few of these issues. The hospital has a wound care team that comes around and checks for any sores. They will apply the ointment, cream and bandage they feel the patient needs. However, they are limited to just the supplies the hospital provides.

I’m sure in most cases these supplies work adequately but they didn’t work very well for Chris. Few months ago he developed a pressure wound on his sacral area (buttocks). This became worse when he got C-Diff from the antibiotics he was taking. After giving all of the wound care supplies a try I decided that I would bring in some ointment that I knew had worked for Chris in the past. In past he didn’t have C-Diff but I figured it was worth a try.

I went to Walmart and picked up a can of Bag Balm. Within a week we could see a major difference in his wound. The bag balm worked great and the nurses (wound care nurses included) were amazed at how quickly his backside healed.

This little tin can be found at Walmart in the lotion aisle.

The nurses have said several times they wish the hospital would stock bag balm. A few of them have even purchased some for their own personal use at home.

It works well for dry cracked hands, feet and minor cuts. Chris has had a few minor cuts on his legs from his legs hitting the bedrailings while turning him. A little dab of bag balm on them for a few days and they healed very well.

I think everyone should keep a can of bag balm on hand!


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