A Stolen Life

Rough Holiday Season #17 12/29/23

The holidays are usually a time of joy, family, love and happiness. That has not been the case for us the last two Christmas and New Years. We have family and love but it’s hard to have joy and happiness in a hospital.

Last year was a little easier to celebrate in the hospital because we were closer to home. This made it easier for our family to visit Chris on Christmas. This year was more depressing since we are farther from home and I was the only one that spent Christmas with him. Thankfully a wonderful nursing staff made the day a little happier.

This is day 306 in the hospital and as I sit next to Chris I find my self thinking of how depressing this place is. Then I think if it’s that depressing for me I can’t imagine how it feels for him. After all I go home each night and he’s stuck here looking at the same four walls.

On the bright side his labs are showing some improvements. They are small improvements but we will take all the improvements we can get. With every up there seems to be a down. The down in this case is that his platelets are still very low. Platelet infusions have helped but they are still not where they need to be. We will see what the next few weeks bring.

I keep hoping and praying the new year will bring good things. Time will tell. I hoped for the same thing last year and you see where that got us.

Here’s to hoping and praying for better days to come.

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