A Stolen Life

Doc Hulett & Family

Chris has been battling recurrent pneumonia, infections, kidney failure, and various other ailments. This blog is written by Lori Hulett, his wife about their journey through this difficult time.

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Some posts may contain pictures and content that is graphic.

  • It's been over a year since Chris was admitted into the hospital for an infection on his brain. This was not the first infection he's had on his brain, so going into this hospital stay I figured it would be treated like it was in the past. That was definitely

  • As I sit here at the hospital with Chris I think of all that has happened in the last 329 days. How did we get here? We came in for an infection on his brain and now he has a long list of issues going on. Although he has never

  • The holidays are usually a time of joy, family, love and happiness. That has not been the case for us the last two Christmas and New Years. We have family and love but it's hard to have joy and happiness in a hospital. Last year was a little easier to

  • While in the hospital pressure sores and minor cuts can be a problem. If the patient has been bedridden for a long term stay it is important to pay close attention for these issues. For Chris the 293 days hospital stay has caused a few of these issues. The hospital

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Published on
July 31, 2023
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