A Stolen Life

390 Days of Frustrations #19 3-22-24

It’s been over a year since Chris was admitted into the hospital for an infection on his brain. This was not the first infection he’s had on his brain, so going into this hospital stay I figured it would be treated like it was in the past. That was definitely not the case. Now it has been over a year and he still has infection on his brain; as well as, several other diagnosis that occurred while he is in the hospital. He did not have kidney issues or lung issues when he was admitted. On March 7, 2023 he was moved to the ICU and intubated for pneumonia. On June 6, 2023 dialysis was started due to renal failure. Before being admitted to the hospital he did not have any breathing issues or kidney issues.

He was intubated and then had to have a trach placed a year ago. This means it’s been a year since he was able to talk. Every morning I get up and ask him if today is the day he is going to talk to me. He usually just response with an eyebrow raise or he rolls his eyes at me. The other morning after asking him my usual question and he rolled his eyes at me I told him, (jokingly), this silent treatment is getting out of hand. It’s been a year since he’s talked to me and he is the king of the silent treatment!

I miss hear his voice and would give just about anything to talk with him like we use to. I have not given up hope that someday he will be able to talk to me again. Until then when I get to missing his voice I open my voicemail and listen to the old voicemails he has left me.

When I saved those voicemails I never dreamed that this would be the reason I’m listening to them. I never dreamed he would have so many health issues. The kicker is that with all the cancer he has fought off its not cancer that has kept him in the hospital for over a year. This makes the cancer fights look like a walk in the park.

A word of advise, if you love someone and they leave you a voicemail save it. It doesn’t matter what the voicemail is about. When you can’t talk to them and want to hear there voice you won’t care that they are just asking you to pick up the phone or something from the store. You will just enjoy hearing their voice.

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